American Dream (Period: 3-4 O.S.B.)

Achieving aspirations and being happy in all is the dream.

Life...Liberty...Pursuit of Happiness

How do I define the American Dream? When I was growing up, the accepted description of America was “land of opportunity.” It was commonly believed that the American Dream could be attained by anyone willing to work hard; social mobility was the name of the game. The Untied States is a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, making it in society with a ton of barriers to overcome o maybe not.
What Happened to the American Dream?

Media Connection:

Senator Bernard Sanders discusses the issues from family income to inequality and to the rates between the male ad female in money situations. What is happening in this country is that while the middle class shrinks there is another reality. And that is the people on top are doing phenomenally well. He mainly talks about the profits of America. And of how they have paid and how lots of things have decreased. He gives several examples of people that have so much power that are getting so much more money than the ones that don't have much money. He goes into detail about oligarchy. America has the worst and dysfunctional healthcare care system along with the most expensive. And more than half of the whole United States is uninsured.

My Beliefs:

America was known as the land of opportunity; it was the place to come for a new start, a clean slate. Immigrants from all over the world flocked to America beginning in the 1800s, all searching for land, new opportunities, and a fresh start. Thus, this begs the question: does the American Dream still exist today? Now gracing the headlines of newspapers and online news sites around the world, the United States seems to be getting more publicity for its struggling economy and unhappy political protestors than its “endless opportunities.” There is no doubt America is still very much the land of opportunity, and America takes great pride in that. Although it has changed and developed with time, the American Dream is alive and well, thriving in the land of opportunity. Homeland security, society disaster managements, communication; the teaching equalities and more can all be improved. "Anyone here who want to work can work. Our national self-understanding is supported by anecdotes." America has done good on keeping liberty and are free to pursue happiness. In fact, the United States had enjoyed an extended period of economic expansion.