Mrs. Hamel

About Me

Things I Like

I Am a Visual Learner

Interpersonal Skill Strength: Listening

I make the effort to listen to what others have to say. I make eye contact when someone is talking to me and I try to provide feedback to let others know I have heard them and I also ask questions to clarify things I do not understand.

Interpersonal Skill Weakness: Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes I find it hard to understand how people feel unless they are very direct and open about it, especially through written communication. I also try not to react out of anger and sometimes find it difficult to express my anger in communication.

Things That Help Me Elevate Stress

How Can I Improve My Interpersonal Skills

I can improve my interpersonal skills by stepping up in group situations. I can work on communicating by clearly stating things verbally and by using non verbal communication, like hand gestures, to help get my point across. I can also practice expressing how I feel when I talk to others by using facial expressions and explaining how I feel.