PACE Newsletter

Week of November 9th-13th, 2015

Dear PACE Parents,

This week the students worked in groups to learn about the daily life of Ancient Egyptians. They had fun teaching their classmates about homes, food, clothing, jewelry, makeup, jobs, and children. Make sure you ask your child about this fascinating lifestyle!

Thank you for your support of our PACE program,

Meg Farley

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HOMEWORK-(Choose one!)

Create a chart or map comparing daily life in Ancient Egypt to our life today. List at least 5 similarities and 5 differences


Make a diorama of an Ancient Egyptian home.


Research what the major crops and exports are in Egypt today.


Do you think you would have liked to live in Ancient Egypt? Write a paragraph explaining why or why not.

Check out some of the homework assignments we saw this week!!!

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Salt dough recipe

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup water

Mix together and then knead for 5 minutes. This dough mixture will harden when left uncovered.