Traveling Survey Results

By: Erica Gonzales

Travel Summary

Question #1

Students chose different answers of "whether or not they flew on a plane " or "did not fly on a plane before". 15 students (41.7%) chose "yes" they've been on a plane before. 15 students (41.7%) chose "no". And (16.7%) chose that "They were to scared to get on one".

Question #2

i wasn't so shocked when students chose the answer "No" (if they ever got lost while on a road trip). But i was surprised that (24.3%) got lost once, twice, and three times. I wasn't expecting people to chose one of the two answers that had to deal with being lost on a trip.

Question #3

I already knew students at this age would say no (28) "They don't sing road trip songs. But I am surprised that 30.8% (12) students said yes they do sing road trip songs. I wasn't expecting some of the students picking the answer "Yes".

Question #4

28 (49.1%) students chose that they get listen to music and 16 (28.1%) students sleep in the car. I mean i do the same thing while i'm in the car when on road trips.

Question #5

20 (55.6%) students want to go to Los Angeles California ( i would love to go and explore there this summer coming up). 1 student would want to go explore San Antonio Texas. i mean that doesn't look like an exciting place to visit but "I guess". 4 (11.1%) students want to explore Brooklyn New York. I would definitely explore New York that's for sure. I was kind of surprised that only 11 students wanted to go explore Las Vegas Nevada, "i guess".