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Ancient Egyptian soldiers

you will need to do/be

To be in the military of ancient Egypt , you need to be reslyent be a team player have strength and serve for us. After all, it is common for the son's of kings to serve, but you dont need to be a son of a king. In fact, when there were dynastic problems in ancient Egypt, it was often the soldier who became king.

you will need bow and arrow, spears, axes, and short swords.


the amor you need . The main form of defense you need is a shield. you also need hardened leather straps. we will respected you

working hours

unfuntunatly you will be called apoun when ever we need you it whould be unecspected

While there is much evidence of the favours bestowed upon elite troops and officers, assessing the fate of the ordinary soldiers, who did not leave tombs decorated with scenes from their lives or descriptions of royal bounty they received, is more difficult. The depictions showing Amenemhab and Horemheb distributing not just bread and vegetables but also wine, cakes and meat to our soldiers may have been an attempt to improve these officers' chances in the other world rather than everyday practice.