By: Kyle Thorn

The Battle Of Wilderness

On May 5, 1864, the Union Army of the Potomac once again fought in battle with the Army of Northern Virginia. They fought in the dense thickets known as the wilderness of Spotslyvania. The battle was a rough battle that lasted for three days in the brushy wilderness of Virginia. Even though the battle was basically a draw the Confederates won with a tactical victory.

Battle of Wilderness

Thursday, May 5th 1864 at 9pm

Northern Virginia, Spotslyvania

Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia vs The Union with Grant's and Major General George G. Meade. The Union reported directly to Grant not Meade.

May 5-7

On May 5 The Orange Turnpike and The Orange Plank Road occured. Grant's plans were assumed on the following day on the 6th. Also on May 6th Hancock II corp's as planned attacked hill at 5 a.m. At the turnpike fighting pretty much went on non-stop all day long. On the morning of May 7th Grant was faced with the prospect of attacking strong confederate works.