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Town Hall Meeting - This week there will be a town hall meeting at 10AM in between services to discuss making changes to the budget to fund a full-time Director of Youth and Family Ministry position. Back in Nov the congregation voted to fund the position 75% with the hopes of partnering with another congregation to cover the other 25% percent. After exploring several options a partnership does not seem possible given the current time frame of my internship which end the beginning of June. The Town Hall Meeting will be an informational meeting regarding what the changes to the budget look like for the congregation.

So what does this mean for Sunday School?
  • So that all Sunday School teachers will be able to attend the town hall meeting Sunday School will be a little different. Kyle Jones will teach the 3rd-5th grade Sunday School class while Lauren Beeson-Jones will teach the 5yo-2nd grade Sunday School class

As for the rest of Sunday

Children's Church

  • 8:45am service - Amber Culver - CLC Gathering Area
  • 11am service - Katherine Scheusner - CLC Gathering Area


  • 3PM - Kyle Jones - Confirmation Room

Jr High Youth (4th-8th grade)

  • 4PM - Curt Lewis, Alex & Keri Widner, Kristen Barnett, Kyle Jones - Youth Room

Sr High Youth (8th-12th grade)

  • 5PM - Kyle Jones, Katie & Lorenzo Manquero, Curt Lewis - Youth Room


Easter EGGstraveganza

Saturday, March 28th, 10am-12pm

4325 Southwest Green Oaks Boulevard

Arlington, TX

In His Footsteps (Good Friday)

Friday, April 3rd, 7pm

4325 Southwest Green Oaks Boulevard

Arlington, TX

A play about the life of Christ and a great opportunity to share the good news with others.

The Youth and Family Ministry Board

As folks actively participating in the spiritual development of the children and students of All Saints I wanted to invite all of you to be a part of the Youth and Family Ministry Board.

What does that mean?
At All Saints we have a monthly all-boards meeting where all of the boards, such as outreach, member/community care, property board, finance team, etc., all get together to in a small time of fellowship before breaking off into individual boards to plan, meet, and talk about what’s going on in our specific areas of ministry, and then get back together at the end and report what’s going on in our area of ministry. It is an amazing opportunity for unity and fellowship. It allows the on the ground leaders of ministries to see each other collaborate and be on the same page.

The All Board Meetings are typically on the First Monday of the month.
Because of Easter being April 5th and all the energy that goes into it we are meeting on the 2nd Monday April 13th. I want to invite all of you involved in Youth and Family Ministry to be there. Thank you.

Any issues?

if you have questions or something comes up that should prevent you from helping or leading this week text, call, or email me.