Bree Ferguson

Getting to know me!(:

What I did yesterday!

I actually went through one of those drive through car washes for the first time... Don't laugh. -_-

Something I do well!

This sounds crazy but... I am a face artist, I do lots of makeup art during halloween, I am the makeup artist at The Maze of Terror in china grove(: Im a super creative person.

Something about my childhood

I have been living with my grand parents since I was 6 months old, my daddy passed away when I was 6 years old he was the lead singer and song writer in his band! So I thought id share that because I guess thats something cool about my childhood.

Something I learned last week

I learned how to create with make up a sugar skull! I also learned how to make my own bald cap with a walmart bag.. weird right well then I just put latex and stuff and made it look as if I was burned.

What I couldn't live without.

My grandma, She is an amazing woman. She has always provided me with the things I need and has raised me. I love her with all my heart and I'm not sure where id be right now without her in my life.

Something I love to watch and listen to.

Well music wise all kinds but I really love my dads music(: