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November 6th -November 10th

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Message from Mission Control

* Thank you to everyone who came to the vertical council meetings last week. They both went extremely well, and we had good conversations and discussions. For K-2 grade levels, please make sure to plan a time to relay all of the information discussed to your teammates. Shout out to Courtney for planning the math meeting! She did a great job organizing everything, and it ran very smoothly and effectively. Your hard work paid off! Great job!

* We have early release this Friday for conferences. I know many of you have conferences all this week, so make sure to let us know if you need the doors open past 4:00 pm. Please do not stay after dark for a conference. If you are planning to stay late, please let Bobby or I know.


1. They DO count as a summative grade. Remember, you need at least 3 summatives per grading period.

2. For giving grades in the grade book, you CAN give partial credit (if a student gets part of a question correct, then you can assign them partial points). You can't do this in Eduphoria when the tests are scanned in, but it IS OK for them to have a different grade in Skyward for the gradebook than it shows on Eduphoria. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have questions!

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Campus News

* We are continuing to collect cans for our canned drive, sponsored by Elk Junior Council. All donations will be given to Community Link. There is a contest among schools (sponsored by the PTA), with a reward given to the school who collects the most pounds of food. We will use this canned drive to contribute to that contest, since they are donating to Community Link as well.

* Tomorrow, 11/7, is election day. Please take the time to go vote in the bond election. Central admin is a voting site, if you need one close by! Remember, you have to live within the district to be eligible to vote.

* We do have a staff meeting today (Monday) at 3:00 in the library. We will have a presentation from Forrester's Financial (previously First Financial), and Andie will do a presentation on ARD expectations/procedures. We should be finished by 4:00, at the latest.

Aides do not have to attend, but if you want to hear the information from FF about retirement plans, etc, you can stay if you wish.

* Please make sure to relay ALL information received at CLC's to your teammates. A good idea that some of you already do, is to take notes in an online document and send out to your team. Several times, curriculum coordinators, have relayed information to principals that many teachers have been told specific information at CLC's, but it has not been relayed to everyone on the team. Please work to ensure a plan that fits your teams' needs, so that each of you have the information you need about every subject.

* Speaking of Curriculum... Here is an update from our meeting that we were asked to share:

ELAR: PLEASE make sure to read emails that come from the curriculum coordinators. They do their best to limit emails, but they do send emails with important information that NEED to be opened. There is a December 7th training in ELAR, "Supporting Rich Conversations about Text" that is STRONGLY recommended for 3-5 teachers. Please try to attend if, at all possible, and register in Eduphoria.

Math: District assessment will cover the power standards and the TEKS that support that standard. Remember to look at the differentiation piece that was added in the instructional guides. This is important! On the math common assessment, as noted above, it is recommended that the teacher don't just used the scanned grade. Teachers should be giving partial credit based on the work displayed on the test packet.

Stacy Summerhill (overall information): Grades are only to be entered into gradebook one time. Adjustments may be made if a topic was not covered in class, but was included on the test...i.e..... If there is something on the test that was not taught, you DON'T have to grade it. We don't grade what wasn't taught. DCA's cannot be the sole summative (remember, we need at least 3). Assessments can be found in Forethought, and you are encouraged to look at the tests and use backwards design to plan your lessons. Canvas acts as a supplemental resource to help locate information.

Science: They are working to make assessments mirror the STAAR test as much as possible, with font size and graphics. K&1 assessment results are not in Eduphoria. Teachers use the assessment for both pre and post test.

Technology: The board approved the plan for the 4:1 student/device ratio. The roll out will begin this summer, with each school receiving 1/3 of the devices. So, we will get one cart of either ipads (k-3) or mini laptops (4-5) for the 18-19 school year. They will increase each year until we are at our ratio. This is in addition to whatever devices we already have. So, it is possible, we will have more than a 4:1 ratio. They will also be replacing existing projectors (not sure on timeline) with the touch screens similar to what they have at Dozier. More trainings will be offered to help increase teacher capacity incorporating technology. The devices ARE coming, so we need to prepare by getting equipped with how to incorporate the devices into our teaching.

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Great Expecations

This year, we will be implementing our GE life principles during announcements, as well as having the opportunity for kids to respond using the white interactive papers in the hallway (formerly used for vocabulary).

Each life principle will be talked about during a 1 week period. You will be getting the schedule sent this week, and it will also be posted on the One Note staff portal. We will discuss on announcements, and students will have the opportunity to write (or draw) how they show this life principle. For example, the first one is self discipline. They can write on the paper how they show or can use self discipline. This will require thinking and application... so it brings in the higher levels. We will talk about the expectations of how this will be used on the announcements, so the students are familiar with what is acceptable.

Just as the vocabulary has been done in the past, the life principles will remain posted on the wall, so that the students can see them and refer back to them. The Elk of the Month will be chosen based on the life principles that have been discussed for the month. Each student chosen will not have to demonstrate ALL of the life principles, but one or more.

This week, our life principle is:

Perseverance- the ability to persist; continue striving

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Monday, November 6th:

Staff Meeting; (Forrester's Financial & ARD Training)

Spirit Day/Night at The Pizza Buffet (sponsored by PTA)

Tuesday, November 7th:

Election Day- Go Vote!!

Thursday, November 9th:

Holiday/Xmas Pictures

Friday, November 10th:

Early Release at 11:40 (parent/teacher conferences)

Tuesday, November 14th:

Dr. Parker here for campus visit (9:45-10:45)

LiiNK meeting 3:30-4:30 (Eagle Mt. Elem)

Thursday, November 16th:

Kori off campus at meeting

Family Thanksgiving Feast (during lunch times)

November 20-24:

Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 28th:

Angela Kennedy here for walks 1:00-2:30

Friday, December 1st:

Clubs (follow club schedule)

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