A place were the water is cool and the sand is hot ?

Mexico's the best place for taco's !

Come try one of Mexico's famous dishes, almost everyone falls in love it ? Best time to come is on Sunday when everyone's cooking. Be sure when you go to Mexico too ask for the amazing beef and cheese taco. Yes mexico is famous for awesome dishes, but don't stop there mexico is home of the Aztecs check out were they lived!

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Was Mexico always independent well I'll tell you

Enjoy the ride as I've just began lets look at some ancient Aztec sculptures ? Mexico city's notorious for their amazing Aztec sculptures from pyramids to ancient city's. Well you now know about the Aztec, so lets take you to the beach's.
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Mexico's tourism one of a kind

Mexico is possibly the best place to, go to Mexico City and check out the beaches one of a kind. The beaches are the star attraction bringing in all kinds of tourist ready to see turtles hatch. The turtles and beaches are what makes Mexico king but my personal favorite is the historical landmarks.
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Mexican Landmarks

Mexico is a great place to see some old landmarks like Aztec empires to maya pyramids. The best one to a lot of people shows a snake only once a year. Some colonies there are some of the first. Why not come see and learn about their history.
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Mexico's unique language

Mexico's language is one of a kind many words are easier to say then english. Just about everyone there speaks it from young to old. Spain conquered the aztec which now they speak english. Its a great language to learn and enjoy.
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Mexican Weather

Now the weather is mostly warm and never humid.A lot of clouds and a lot more sun which makes the climate awesome. You can tan or just go swimming so why not visit there's just no limit of fun.
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