Asiatic Lion

The Lion of India

The Asiatic Lion

The Asiatic Lion is a large and powerful animal. It is the second largest animal in the Felidae, smaller only to the tiger. The lion is one of the most recognized animals in the world and is known as the King of The Jungle. Lions are most active at night. They live in grasslands, the Savanna and, open woodlands. Lions used to live in parts of Asia, Europe and Africa, but now live in parts of Africa south of the Sahara and in a very small group of 200 in India's Gir national park where they are heavily protected.

The picture below shows a lion cub playing with its mother.

Lion Prides

Lions unlike every other member of the Felidae family live in prides. Prides can range in size from as little as 5 members to 35 members. A lion pride lives in a certain territory which they protect fiercely against other lions. Lions claim territories by roaring which usually happens at night before hunting.

Shown below is a pride of lions resting after a hunt.

How asiatic lions hunt

Asiatic lions hunt a variety of animals from animals as little as rodents to as big as water buffalo. Also rarely lions hunt giraffes of elephants if they are sick, or small. Even though lions hunt in groups alot of the time their hunts are failures. These failed hunts accure because when the lions hunt they don't pay attension to wind which can blow the scent of what they are hunting away. Their more succesful hunts usually accure when they stalk their prey then lunge in and suprise the animal. After having killed their prey the rest of the pride circles in and feasts on the animal.

Did you know?

Many people believe that lioness do all the hunting, but that is only the case with lions that live in the sevanna. In most other places lions live male lions and female lions both hunt for their food.

Did you know?

Did you know that lions in captivity breed twice as much as lions that live in the wild.

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