Media influences teens.

What is 'pretty'?

On the internet, there are so many picture of models and they are really skinny and the teenage girls want to be like them.
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When teens go onto media sites they see all of these pictures of people who have the ideal body, and it makes them want to look like that. So, they start forcing their body's to be like that.
There is a site called Tumblr and it has a huge influence on teen girls appearance. They all want to have the perfect tumblr body, and they all want to have a thigh gap. Thats when you have space between your thighs when your knees and feet are together. They start to force their bodys to look that way.
A lot of the social media sites are saying that it is attractive for you to be super skinny, or that its a good thing and the teens are believing it and trying to look like them. But, it is just causing them to become unhealthy.