Teen Dating: Who's Being Hurt More?

Advice on your adolescent dating.

Why does my teen want to date so badly?

Due to the hormonal changes that occur with puberty, they have an increased sexual interest which causes them to want to start dating. They older they become the more serious the relationships get. They go from only being a few months to lasting for years.

What are the Benefits to Adolescent Dating?

As long as dating doesn't begin to soon, it can teach them proper manners, cooperation skills, and how to handle different people in different situations. It teaches them how to get along with the opposite sex, what is expected of each other in a relationship and helps prepare them for a life long relationship.

Online Dating?

"The Birds and The Bees"

Make sure that you and your child sit down and have a serious conversation about being sexual active. Make sure you make your self open to any questions they might have, you don't want them to find out from someone else or the hard way. Inform them of all the preventive measures that they can take for pregnancy and STDs. Also make sure that they know how to say "no" if they don't want to do something or if they feel uncomfortable how they can avoid an unwanted situation. By making yourself (or the other parent) available to talk to and ask questions is the number one way to help keep your child safe.