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Issue 33 - 15th May 2020

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The 21st Century School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week has been a week of many firsts within the British Primary Section, further showcasing our commitment to ensure that we provide opportunity, and prepare our children for an ever changing and challenging world.

You will see within this week's newsletter, that all classes are currently supporting the drive in ensuring that the use of technology is seamlessly integrated into learning - not necessarily meaning that computers are just being used to publish or act as a replacement without thought for the more traditional tools such as paper and pen. Having looked at the very best practice in some of the highest performing schools across the globe, and speaking with high profile industry experts, we are committed in ensuring that our children will have the necessary skills to be successful as they move into adult life. Throughout the BPS this week, children have been developing data analysis skills and sharpening interrogation of data via Purple Mash. So what does this mean?

  • Reception have created graphical representations to show how they travel to school
  • Y1 have created animations to show the growth of a plant from seed to flower
  • Y2 have utilised software to support numeracy skills and display data
  • Y3 have created bar graphs to showcase discrete data
  • Y4 have displayed scientific data, further analysing this to support predictions
  • Y5 have created line graphs to display annual temperature
  • Y6 have developed pie charts to integrate energy consumption in Taiwan

Whilst this has been happening, our Nursery Children have been preparing and performed our very first Zoom live show. This was a fantastic occasion, and although a physical audience was not possible, the reaction we had from the 'online' audience was greatly appreciated. I would like to thank all the parents who supported the various outfits, the nursery department for making this a memorable occasion, our outstanding children and the IT team for making this possible!

On Thursday, it was a great pleasure to welcome Dr C.V Chen and guests to our school as part of our Europe Day Showcase. It has been unfortunate that this year, the celebration has been minimised, but we wanted to mark the occasion, as our links to European Culture within the context of Taiwanese society resonates in all that we do. Our visitors had an opportunity to walk the campus, spend time with our students, and answer many questions. The children gave a great account of themselves, and we very much look forward to seeing Dr Chen and representatives from the various Europe Trade Offices again very soon!

Finally, I would like to again reassure you, that as a school, we will continue to ensure that we follow all protocols to mitigate against any potential health risk during this testing time. We are in continual dialogue with all relevant authorities, the wellbeing of your children is our priority! If at any point, a change in our current provision is required, we will notify you immediately - however, again, I would like to reiterate that your support has been greatly appreciated!

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

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Nursery Likes to Move It! - by Mrs Jennie Bonnalie

The Nursery held their End of Year show on Thursday. The show, entitled, "Nursery Likes to Move It', was a collection of fun, moving and energetic songs. The children were all dressed in 80's style, including neon and headbands.

We are all so proud of how much they have progressed over the year, and how hard they worked to learn the dance routines and songs. It was wonderful to give the Nursery students the chance to perform, as it is a unique learning opportunity which gives them confidence and poise.

Thank you to all of our supportive parents for the fantastic 80's-style exercise costumes. They looked fab!

Nursery Show

Integrating computing in Maths with Purple Mash - by Mr Peter Groom

This week the children in Year 4 have enjoyed using Purple Mash to create graphs and charts in Maths. During the lessons, the children created their own question and followed the investigation process to find their answer. Investigations ranged from finding out the temperature of different children when they were checked each afternoon to the heights of classmates and even the amount of press ups they could do in one minute. Once the investigation was planned, the children completed their research to gather their data. Finally they used Purple Mash to create their graphs. Purple Mash is great for making graphs because the children can easily input the data they have found and choose the graph that they would like to use. It has enabled us to teach the children about using the appropriate graph to match the appropriate data. All of the children in school have a Purple Mash username and password, it is a great resource to help them continue their learning whilst at home, not just in Maths but other subjects too.

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Year 6 Maths Geocaching Challenge - by Mr Thomas Myerscough

In Year 6 we have been learning about translations and how to read maps using coordinates. We combined these activities in a fun scavenger hunt around the school. In each box, the children found a Greater Depth math challenge, the letters of an acronym and a translation to lead them onto the next box. The winning team received a prize!

Reception and KS1 Calm and Connect by Ms Gillian Smith

At the BPS we continue to look for ways to set all our students up for success. In response to the warmer weather and changes to lunchtime, due to social distancing, we are introducing a Calm and Connect session to our Reception and KS1 lunchtime. This will allow children to connect to their own feelings during a short mindfulness activity and then be given an opportunity to calm during a 15 -minute online story or animation. This will still give children plenty of time to eat and play but also allow them to be ready to learn for the afternoon!

在英國小學部,我們持續帶領學生走向成功之路。 由於目前天氣回暖、午餐時間的調整,以及持續保持適當的社交距離,我們將會在Reception和-、二年午餐時間將有Clam and Connect的時段 。這段時間,老師會透過一些簡單的心靈正向活動,讓孩子們能夠面對自己內心的感受,然後以15分鐘的故事或動話時間讓孩子們心靜下來。孩子們不但會有足夠的時間吃午餐和遊戲,他們的身心亦能為下午的學習做準備。

Alternative Handshake Competition by Mrs Rebekah Massey

Last week members of year five took part in an Alternative Handshake competition. The challenge was to create a new greeting that was safe and fun to use and adhered to the rules of social distancing. Students were very creative in creating a new 'hello' and gave up breaktimes to practise ensuring it would be the best it could be. Lots of fun was had practising and recording and the end results were very impressive, I'm sure you'll agree, although I haven't got my head around the fast footwork quite yet! Lessons of the winning handshake took place in the playground and I keep catching glimpses of the fancy footwork being practised when there is a spare minute or two. Well done to those who took part, your effort, teamwork and greeting made us all smile.
The entries for the Competition

Year 6 Leavers' celebration - by Mr Ale Massey and the Year 6 Team

As we approach the end of this challenging year we want to celebrate the successes of our Year 6 students as they prepare to move on to the next stage of their lives. This year's leavers' celebration will be slightly different but I hope that we can give the students the send off they deserve. On behalf of all the staff in Year 6, I would like to cordially invite you to celebrate with us on Thursday 18th June from 1:40pm. We will share more details with you nearer the time but we very much hope that you can join us for this special event.

A Trip down Memory Lane - by Mr Eamonn O'Callaghan

As the students in year six prepare to transition to the secondary school they have been looking back and reminiscing about their time at our primary campus. As part of a collaborative art project the students have been getting nostalgic and sharing their favourite memories. They have used images and text to express what they will remember most from school. Field trips, shows and special events were popular choices. All the student’s individual memory artworks will be assembled together to create a large scale collage inspired by the T.E.S. logo. This will take shape over the next couple of weeks and go on display in the school in June. I am sure it will be something to remember for everyone involved.

PSHE4Life Coming Soon by Ms Jeni Wong

A letter will be coming home with your Year 5 or Year 6 child this Friday. It is addressed to the Parent/ Carer and is regarding the Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) lessons which will be taught during the week of 1st June 2020.

You are invited to join the Zoom meeting regarding this programme on Friday 22nd May at 8.15am. The details of this meeting and other important information is in the letter.

Other exciting news @ #PSHE4Life- We have joined the PSHE Association (UK). The PSHE Association is the national body for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, leading the effort to ensure that every pupil receives high-quality provision. It advises the government on PSHE matters and policies. We will now have access to a wide range of the resources, both teaching and for staff professional development.

www.gogivers.org is another resource we have chosen to use too. Gogivers.org support schools across the UK by providing topical resources to help teachers teach PSHE, Relationships Education, SMSC and Citizenship. Their online tools and teacher created content engages children and facilitates the delivery of a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. No doubt, these additions will benefit everyone.

Online Workshop - by Ms Emily Rogers

Introducing a new workshop “4 Steps to Regain Calm and Control During Times of Uncertainty”. (https://expatparentingabroad.com/workshop/)

Designed especially for these times, this workshop is made up of 4 pre recorded video sessions, and a 1:1 coaching session using Zoom to ensure you are focusing on the right areas for you and your family. In addition, you will receive a workbook to support you through each step. And, two weeks of direct access to me via WhatsApp for support and questions.

As a result, you will have a customised action plan that is unique to you and your family. You will know the exact steps you need to take to manage through this uncertain time, and be clear about the actions you will take.

If you were to work through each of these key areas with me in one on one coaching sessions, the full price value of this workshop would be NZ$600. The time for you to reclaim your life is right now! With this package, for just NZ$149 (or US$90) you get:

  1. a customised action plan
  2. access to recorded videos to work through at your own pace
  3. two weeks of WhatsApp support and messaging
  4. a personal workbook
  5. and a 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with an expert coach

Imagine starting next week with great clarity on how to manage your home life during stressful times; knowing exactly what you have to do to regain calm and control in your life during these uncertain times; feeling inspired and committed to becoming more proactive; with the support you need for YOUR mental health so that you can continue to be the best parent you can be; and importantly laughing again!

New Office Member - by Ms Diana Doo

Miss Joy Chang will join our BPS Office Team as a Senior Secretary from next week. On behalf of our team and staff, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes to Joy!


Friday Music Corner (15 05 2020)
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Polite Reminder - Communication

If you have any questions or queries that you would like clarification on, please can you direct these through the correct channels. If this is relation to your child's academic or pastoral needs, the class teacher is the first port of call. For any other information, please contact the BPS Office. We have noticed that recently incorrect information has been shared via various chat groups, which has resulted in unwarranted stress, all of which has been easily resolved once the correct channel has been contacted.



If you have a concern about your child, and the relationship that they have with another child, we do not condone parents confronting other children or using social media as a tool to seek clarification. Please contact the school directly, this way we can resolve any conflict in a swift and supportive manner.


Hot weather

Even though we have ample shaded areas and water around the campus, it is advised that all BPS children wear a school hat as additional protection during these hot months.


Health and Wellbeing Newsletter

Please find the links of the latest Health and Wellbeing Newsletter (English version and Chinese version). Thank you
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Dear Parents and Guardian,

Thank you for your interest in our summer school program. Before you fill out the form, please pay close attention to the following message from our CEO office regarding summer campus access.

Message from our CEO Newsletter sent to all parents on May 1 is as follows:

At this present time, we cannot possibly predict what may happen, including but not limited to travel restrictions around the world and local inbound quarantine requirements. So, if you plan to travel, please do plan ahead to ensure your child can return to school in a timely manner when school opens, ready to begin the 2020-2021 school year.

Based on the information we have from CECC and MOE, students should be back on island at least 21 days before school begins. As it stands, all inbound travelers are required to undergo 14 days quarantine plus a 7 days self-health management.

We ask all community members to respect this provision and plan your trips/travel with this in mind. We understand that the guideline from the Taiwan authorities may change, but the above is the latest guidance.

Please do check the regulations of your destination / present country as well as continue to follow the updates from the Taiwan authorities.

Should you travel this summer, please note the dates of entry required.

For Week 1 (Aug 3rd~7th): arrive in Taiwan by July 12
For Week 2 (Aug 10th~14th): arrive in Taiwan by July 19

We are looking forward to having you in Summer School. Please be assured the school has taken extra precautions to mitigate risk in this present situation.

Student Services
BPS Parent Handbook 2019-2020

Shared herewith a book to your family. Please click the above link to open the book. Thank you