TxATE Newsletter July, 2017

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the President's message

Empowered leadership and collective mobilization are at the heart of every conference theme guiding my conference schedule next year. I don’t believe this to be a coincidence. Education is being squeezed by accountability standards and measures at both the national and state level. This is nothing new; however, it seems that both national and, especially, state legislative eyes have turned to higher education with great intensity. Within this context many professional organizations have selected to engage in professional conversations that explore ways in which educators can strengthen the impact of our collective voice within the political sphere. For some of us this is a daunting task. For others of us this task is in our wheelhouse. Regardless, I know each of us can find our place in this call to action. The good news is that your membership in TxATE is a great first step in finding your place in the advocacy of our profession. As an organization we have instituted member-led advocacy groups guided by the following imperative topics- Data, Enrollment, Policy, and Dispositions. These action driven groups will be the forum by which we mobilize our members to make a difference in Austin! Please offer your talents to one of these groups. We need you. Remember the wisdom of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Individually, we do great things, but now is the time to create critical mass and be the leading voice of education in Texas. The possibilities for this next year are unbounded!

Looking forward to an amazing year,

Debby Shulsky


TxATE Summer Conference

Our June TxATE Conference was a huge success!

Concordia University was a gracious host to our members attending the conference.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Diane Myers, entertained us with a fabulous presentation on classroom management. Her keynote presentation, Classwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, provided us with strategies for identifying basic principles of behavior, understanding their application in the classroom management, establishing expectations, decreasing inappropriate behavior, and holding students accountable.

Click here to link to Dr. Myer's classroom management training materials on the TBSI/Region 4 website (scroll down to the "CWPBIS Training Materials" section.

Click here to link to the cat cartoon she used in her presentation. The cartoon is about rewarding inappropriate behavior and provides a few laughs. It is missing Dr. Myer's commentary, but you'll get the picture!


Advocacy Groups

At this year's June conference, we introduced four areas related to teacher preparation that we feel need your voice. These are the advocacy groups Debby referred to in her president's message. The work of these advocacy groups will strengthen our voices as teacher educators within the state of Texas and make a difference in the field of education.

Your input is needed! Please participate in one of these groups.

Member-facilitated groups include...

Facilitator: Marlene Zipperlen, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Facilitator: Jim Van Overschelde, Texas State University

Facilitator: Patrice Werner, Texas State University

Facilitators: Gina Anderson and Becky Fredrickson, Texas Women's University

Contact Debby Shulsky or Kimberly Dickerson for details regarding participation in these advocacy groups.


Ms. Teresa Toney Named Distinguished Clinician!

The 2017 recipient of the Distinguished Clinician Award is first grade teacher Teresa Toney.

In partnership with Texas A&M, Ms. Toney teaches at Caldwell Elementary in Caldwell, Texas.

TxATE honors the priceless contributions that in-service teachers make to our candidates through the TxATE Distinguished Clinician Award.

This award is presented annually to a public school teacher who demonstrates exemplary service in the field of education, and who assists in the supervision of student teachers and/or interns.

The recipient of this award interacts with the student teacher/intern in areas that address specific issues of practice, the development of particular skill sets and the overall facilitation of growth.


Your Feedback is Appreciated!

Thank you for attending the 2017 TxATE Conference!

Your opinion is important to us. Please take a brief moment to give us your feedback on your conference experience.

Nominations Now Being Accepted!

Nominations are now being accepted for the following three awards:

~ The Ben E. Coody Distinguished Service Award - The Ben E. Coody Distinguished Service Award honors individuals who have given the same level of professional contributions to teacher education in Texas as did Dr. Coody. Dr. Coody served as the last President of the Texas Association for Student Teaching before the association became the Texas Association of Teacher Educators in 1971. Shortly after completing his term as president, Dr. Coody met an untimely death in an automobile accident. He was respected for his high code of ethics, his professional zeal, and his sincerity of purpose.

~ The Ted Booker Memorial Award - The Ted Booker Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of teacher education. Ted Booker served as the President of TSCTE (predecessor of TxATE) from 1969-1970. This award has been given in his memory since it was established in 1972.

~ Quest for Quality: Exemplary K-12 Partnerships - The Quest for Quality project invites Texas universities to nominate exemplary teacher candidates, faculty, practices, programs, partnerships, and research for recognition by the project. The exemplary K-12 Partnerships highlights what is done well at Texas universities, such as Induction Programs, or Continuing Professional Development practices. Universities are invited to nominate K-12 Partnership initiatives designed both to prepare teacher candidates to excel and to improve K-12 Schools. The purpose of these nominations is to identify best practices and make them more widely known.

Please contact Veronica Estrada for nomination forms and submissions.

Nominations for all three awards are due by September 1, 2017.

Awards will be presented at CSOTTE.


The Texas Forum of Teacher Education

Joan Berry serves as the Managing Editor for our state journal, the Texas Forum of Teacher Education.

This annual journal is supported by editorial team members, Sandy Labby, Michelle Giles, and Elda Martinez. Thank you to the editorial team for your dedication to producing a publication that illuminates the scholarly contributions of Texas educators!

As a peer reviewed journal The Forum provides a valuable platform for teacher educators and graduate students to share their original research. The Forum provides an opportunity to share ideas and original research about a variety of topics and innovative practices impacting education today.

Be on the lookout for the 2017 edition toward the end of the year. Prepare now to submit a manuscript for possible publication in the 2018 issue.

Click here for information on manuscript and publication guidelines.

Direct specific questions to the Managing Editor.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is always June 15th!


Mark Your Calendars for the Next CSOTTE Conference!

Sunday, Oct. 22nd, 8am to Tuesday, Oct. 24th, 5pm

900 North Shoreline Boulevard

Corpus Christi, TX

CSOTTE is the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education

Conference theme: "Progressive Discourse: A Time for Leadership".

Proposal Deadline: July 15, 2017

Click here for the Call for Proposals forms.

Contact: Debby Shulsky

Meet Us in Las Vegas! ATE's Annual Meeting - February 16-20, 2018

Call for Proposals

ATE accepts submissions that highlight best practices & research, educational models, and innovative approaches in any of the following:

· Best practices in Teacher Preparation

· Alternative Certification

· Field-Based Learning

· Educator Preparation Advocacy

· Accountability and Certification

· Innovative Programs In Teacher Preparation

· Trends and Issues: P-16 Initiatives, Partnerships, College Readiness

Proposal Submissions

The theme for the annual meeting, selected by President Karen Embry Jenlink, is Re-Imagining Educator Preparation In A Democracy: The Teacher Educator as Public Intellectual.

Click here for more information and a link to the online proposal submission site.

Deadline to submit proposals has been extended to July 1, 2017.

Visit our TxATE website for more information.

Be on the lookout for information regarding the "Howdy Y'all" TxATE mixer!


Howdy Y'all Happy Hour!

If you attended last year's "Howdy Y'all" Happy Hour at ATE's national conference in Orlando, you know how much fun we had representing our great state of Texas! You don't want to miss this year's Happy Hour in Vegas! We're still pinni' down the specific date and time, so keep your britches on. Just as soon as we know, we'll give y'all a holler in the president's email blast. As was the case last year, you'll look for the cowgirl with a "Howdy" button to find out in which corral the Happy Hour is being hosted!

Membership has its BENEFITS...

Why would someone join TxATE? What a great question! There are numerous ways membership with TxATE is beneficial to your growth as an educator.

Connect to other educators. Membership connects you to outstanding educators throughout the state. TxATE is dedicated to increasing connections among colleagues. Conferences offer great opportunities to network and connect with colleagues in your area of interest or expertise.

Connect to national leaders. National leaders share their experience and research findings with members and conference attendees. Their presentations and keynotes provide information regarding latest best practices in education.

Membership includes college faculty and administrators, school and regional service staff developers, school-based teacher educators, classroom teachers, and school administrators.

TxATE membership is valid from June 1- May 31 of each year. Opportunities for renewal are available at the summer conference, the CSOTTE conference, and throughout the year by mail.

  • Professional Membership $30.00/annually
  • Student Membership $10.00/annually
  • Retired Membership $10.00/annually

Click here for membership form and more information.

Contact Ginny Fender with any questions on membership.


The +1 Challenge

We invite each member to bring a "plus one" colleague to the 2018 TxATE Conference in Austin next June! Plan now to get others excited about attending the conference!

Look for more information about prize give-aways in future email blasts from our TxATE President, Debby Shulsky!


TxATE membership is affiliated with the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) and the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators (SRATE).

Please explore the opportunities for professional development, presenting, or publishing with these partner organizations. They provide excellent resources and dissemination opportunities in our field.


2017-2018 Officers

Past President

Christie Bledsoe



Debby Shulsky


First Vice President

Veronica Estrada


Second Vice President

Sheila Baker



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Elizabeth Ward


Member at Large

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Executive Director

Ginny Fender


Conference Liaison

Denise Staudt