Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

Basque National Liberation Movement

Who are the ETA?

The ETA are the main party in the Basque National Liberation Movement. They were founded in 1959 in the Basque country, an autonomous community of Northern Spain. The group was created with the intention of gaining independence of the Greater Basque Country (a community of Paris) where they are now located. The US, Canadian, British and European governments have been designated to mo niter the ETA as they are considered as a terrorist organisation. The ETA are currently opposed with the Spanish and French parliament. As of 2011 there were 50 active members.

Terrorists or freedom fighters?

the basque conflict

The basque conflict was an armed political conflict that took place between the Spanish state, France and the Basque National Liberation Movement from 1959-2012. The purpose of the conflict was that the ETA sought independence from France and Spain and used a series of attacks to achieve freedom. France and Spain retaliated causing a 53 year long series of violent acts. Whilst many people consider the ETA as a terrorist group, they can be seen as freedom fighters as they were fighting for their own independence. The measures that they took to achieve this, however, were very violent.

By joe unwin