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We use iPads in the classroom to help the kids.

In this picture, kids are using the iPad to listen new vocabulary. Then, they are pronouncing them. I do not like the kids using the iPads for a really long time so I usually let them take turns using them.

We also use smart boards.

Smart boards are a very helpful tool in the classroom. The smart boards helps with ...

  1. Enlarging pictures
  2. Playing Educational Games
  3. Watching Videos
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you worried about cyber bullying?

Answer: I am not worried about cyber bullying because the kids are probably to even know what it is. Also, if there is a problem, I will call the kids parents immediately and work out the problem.

2. Are you worried about the kids over using these devices?

Answer: I usually watch the kids and only have them use the technology for only about 20 minutes. They also take turns using that different materials in the classroom so aren't looking at screens for a couple of hours.

Power teaching - 2nd grade
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By: Julia Calderone