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September 8, 2014

Amazing Things Are Happening! Let's Get Enriched!

NP3 offers amazing opportunities for enrichment! Both students and staff benefit from the program - students engage in extracurricular learning opportunities and teachers plan instruction based on a personal area of interest.

NP3 enrichment includes options such as: sports, performing arts, art, home-ec, hip hop dance, TEAM, life skills, forensic science, leadership, and more! Teachers work hard to create their own curriculum based on their experiences and passion for the topic. Amazing! The enrichment program is one of many ways NP3 provides a balance in student education and experience the Pirate community.

Go Pirates!

Enrichment at NP3

What factors contribute to the level of interest of these students?

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • Box Tops: Turn your box tops in to Giao weekly, she will hold onto them for you! Oct 24th is the last day. The advisory who gets the most in will win a prize!
  • 6th Celebration: September 19! woot woot!
  • Honor Roll: Remember to share with your kids the qualifications for end of the year honor roll! This will hopefully help with the mass of retakes that happen 4th quarter for some grade levels. See below info on HR.
  • Pirate Rally: Sept 12th! All advisory, no enrich! This is also dress and talk like a Pirate Day!
  • CELDT! Testing is Sept 9th and 10th. Anzelc and Edwards will be pulling kids from your classes. Thanks for being flexible!
  • Parent Conferences: Send invites out today! Parents need two weeks notice!
  • Independent Studies: Kids who tell you they will be leaving for 10 or more school days need to get IS papers filled out with their school counselor. Approval depends on grades, length of time, reasons for leaving, etc.

Share with Advisees:

  • Booster Meeting: Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the booster meeting on Monday Sept 8th @ 6:30 in the NP3 Library.
  • ACE: After school organized sports and homework support. Feel free to contact Mrs. MacArthur if you have any questions at kmacarthur@natomas.k12.ca.us.
  • Box Tops: Help NP3 raise money! Turn your box tops in to your advisory teacher! Sept 2-Oct 24th. The advisory who gets the most in will win a prize!
  • Ice Bucket Challenge and Pirate Rally: NP3 Middle School was challenged by NP3 HS. Advisories have been challenged to raise money for ALS. The top 3 advisory classes will get to choose a teacher of their choice to ice bucket. Turn money into advisory no later than Sept 10th. Teachers selected will do the challenge during our Sept 12th Pirate Rally. No checks please!
  • Honor Roll Info: Occurs at the end of the school year. Principal’s Honor Roll is the highest of academic distinctions. To achieve this an NP3 student must achieve a 3 or 4 on all standards, sub-standards and overarching standards. Honor Roll is a distinction of which a student must achieve a 3 or 4 on all overarching standards. A student may have 2's in sub-standards.
  • Student Government Sales: To raise money for Leadership functions there will be a Jelly bean Guessing Game @ lunch Sept 8-12. Guesses are 50 cents each & Popcorn for sale during snack break for 50 cents a bag.
  • Parent Night: Please click here to see info about our upcoming parent night for 6th-8th grade parents presented by our very own Ms. Missio (there has been a date change and this event will now be on Sept 16th) http://cdn.natomasunified.org/np3m/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2014/09/NP3-Parent-Night-Workshop.pdf
  • Career Day: Does your mom, dad or relative have an interesting career? Please let Mrs. Parr know! We are looking for volunteers to make our Career Fair a success! Please email Mrs. Parr @ aparr@natomas.k12.ca.us
  • Pirate Rally: Sept 12th! This is also dress and talk like a Pirate Day! Fun, fun, fun
  • Spirit week: Sept 15-19! Show your spirit by dressing up throughout the week! Mon-Crazy sock day, Tue-Tie dye day, Wed-U-Tube Sensation Day, Thurs-Closet Madness Day, Fri-Famous Couples Day.
  • Dance: First dance of the year! Friday Sept 19th. The dance theme is Hollywood and is from 3:30-5:30pm. Pre-sale tickets are $3 are available the week of Sept 15-19. Tickets at the door are $5. We have 4 dances per year and students can buy a $10 ticket for all 4 dances ahead of time.
  • Film Club Film Club meetings start this Wednesday. Students must bring a signed permission slip in order to participate. Permission slips can be returned to Mrs. Michaelis. http://cdn.natomasunified.org/np3m/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2014/09/Film-Club-Permission-Slips.pdf