Computer Systems

What Makes a Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer a Computer System?

What Makes a Computer System?

Any computer system can be broken into input, processing and output. They can also have storage and feedback. Input is the raw data, processing is the jobs that the computer does to turn the data into an output and output is the information that comes out of the computer. Storage stores the data and information and feedback is when the output information becomes part of the input.

How is this Printer a Computer System?

This printer has an input, processing and output. There is no storage or feedback making in an open loop system. It uses the Bluetooth signal from your smartphone and with an app you can edit the photo or do a quick print to the printer. The printer processes the photo you've sent to it then prints it using ink built into the paper you load.
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The input is the Bluetooth signal the printer receives from a smartphone. You download an app onto your smartphone and on that you can choose a photo to edit and then send to the printer or just send it unedited.

Processing Data Instructions

The central processing unit in the printer (CPU) takes the input and reads it to find out what exactly is it printing. It can't print a random photo, it prints the one that was sent to it.


The output is the printer printing the photo. It does not have ink, the ink is in the paper that you load so the paper is not poked with ink dots to create the photo. After it finishes printing you end up with the picture on a waterproof, smudgeproof and dry paper.
Polaroid ZIP Black Instant Photo Printer POLMP01B - Overview