By: Abbie Entz

Life After The War

Life in the camps was hard for the Jews and it changed them dramatically. If a Jew made it out of the camp, he most likely did not have his family anymore, I myself, have never heard of a entire Jewish family making it out of the consecrations camps. This often made it hard for the Jews to go on, their life has been completely rearranged and everything has changed. I am sure the former and new relationships were not as good and possibly even ruined. After the camps, the Jews most likely changed themselves a lot to, pain and hurt have a way of aging a person. Most probably felt anger at the Nazi for this as well. And yet the Jews had the biggest impact on how living in the camps would change them, they would be the ones to make the decision on how to react to this and what they chose shaped their life.

Three Themes

Within the novel "Night" I see three different themes. The first one is denial, so many people could have escaped and been saved it they would have seen what has happening. The Jews continued thinking everything was fine even though it got worse and worse until it was to late to do anything. The second theme I see in the book is the Jews turning away, they turned away from God because of the hate and pain they felt at what was happening. It hurts me to hear of so many people turning away from the one that saved them. And last but not least I see renewal, people starting their life again after the war is over. This to me is the most important and needed theme I see in the book, people coming home and living again.

Could I?

Reading the novel "Night" it has made me realize how terrible human-kind can be. It begs the question, could I ever turn to such awful behaviors, could I do that to someone? I honestly think that I could be one of the Nazi, hurting people and causing so much damage. I could if there was not one thing, the single most powerful God and creator there for me and through him I can do all things. I know that as long as I have my faith and continuing growing in it, there is no possible way I could do as the Nazi did.