Who is William Shakespeare?

Jandalyn Sumblin

Inside Scope

Since the movie Anonymous, there is huge controversy on if there even is a William Shakespeare or if its a cover name. This controversy is there because William Shakespeare is said to have not went very far in school, yet he wrote this beautiful plays and old folks tales, but how would he have suck knowledge? Now rumor has it that there are three possible "Shakespeare's".

Edward De Vere

  • Graduated from Cambridge University at 14 then, became a master of the arts at 16. Also in the play The Merchant of Venice there is discussion of law. Coincidentally, De Vere had indeed studied law. ( Remember Shakespeare had maybe only went to high school due to his family not having a lot of money).
  • de Vere's work was similar to Shakespeare, by how they both used 6 line pentameter stanzas.
  • In the play Hamlet de Vere's life seems to be played out. Even his father-in-laws life, Lord Burghley. Its said that Lord Burghley's life is portrayed as Polonius in Hamlet. To have any knowledge of the Lords life you would have to be in it, as was de Vere.
BUT, he died before a few of his plays.

Queen Elizabeth I

  • She was highly educated, highly literate and had a big imagination,
  • She had many of the theme experiences portrayed in Shakespeare.
  • Also because Shakespeare's plays serve as propaganda to promote the Tudor dynasty.
BUT, she died before a few of his plays.

William Stanley

  • He had connections with nobles which is portrayed in Shakespeare's plays.
  • He has the same initials.
  • He traveled to Navarre, France, the setting for Love's Labour Lost.
  • His wedding to Elizabeth de Vere was supposed to be the inspiration for A Midsummer Night's Dream and the play was 1st performed at their wedding.
  • Also the writings of a 16th century Jesuit noted that he was " busye in penning commodyes for the common players". That suggested he was writing plays for the London Theaters.

If you ask me

The controversy doesn't matter, because who wrote the plays doesn't matter. Its the purpose, meaning and use of language arts that matters. Who wrote it doesn't change any of that.