Rankin Bulletin

November 16, 2015 - Bulletin #11

The Week in Review!

Monday: New Specials today; Honor Roll Celebration 5th @ 2:45, 4th @ 3:00 and 3rd @ 3:15

Tuesday: FAC @ 8:00; Steering Committee @ 4:10 pm

Wednesday: Late Start @ 8:20; RIF; Lock Down Drill #1 @ 10:30;

Thursday: MI Apple Tasting in the lunchroom

Friday: Popcorn


It looked like we had a great turnout for conferences and I heard great things from parents while in the hallway (and enjoyed too many pieces of candy!). Keep making these positive connections with parents to encourage students to work hard!

Safety/Security Procedures Review

We will be conducting our first Lock Down Drill this week on Wednesday morning at 10:30. I will announce this drill in the morning announcements so that students are aware what we are practicing and why we practice. I will also spend a short amount of time at our PLC meeting reviewing district safety/security procedures.

Progress Monitoring Update

The special services office is changing our Progress monitoring materials. Once they have them updated I will get baseline packets to you for your bottom students. If you have not sent me your bottom 3 for math please send me their names. I have everyone's bottom 5 in reading from our PLC meeting.

Committee Meeting Postponed...

We had planned to meet Monday to review data. However, with the M-STEP data being embargoed I am unable to gain access to the data files for either the 3rd or 6th grade students.

Attendance Pencils

In your mailbox are pencils for perfect and near perfect attendance students. We had so many names we decided not to announce them individually but I will say a few words on Monday and invite you to hand out the pencils if you have not already done so.