Anne Frank Remembered 1926-1945

Miep Gies and Leslie Gold/ Hector Mendez

Setting/ Exposition

In 1933, Anne Frank lived with her adoptive parents, the Nieuwenhuises, at Gaaspstraat 25.

The Frank's family shared a small cozy attic room. Her adoptive family supported her with learning. But, due to Adolf Hitler the Frank's had very trouble hiding from him and Anne had trouble studying .

Rising Action...

The Frank's secretly went to go buy some food. Any sudden mistake their family gets the punishment. The Frank's luckily made it safe and packed with food for the night.Back at the house visitors arrive, a boy seemed suspicious, but Anne Frank did not see that in him. They both had a chat in the attic and Anne seemed in love with him.


Anne Frank was a young girl. Hitler has died, and now the Frank's lived the rest of their lives peaceful. Many people remembered the Frank's as a powerful family when they found the diary Anne wrote day by day of her life.

Falling Action..

Many people gathered with British flags to support the bravery of the Frank's. When investigators found the diary of Anne Frank, Anne has been famous and respected. Mr. Frank and his family have been interviewed of how they lived but they refused to only tell small portions of what their life they lived to be in.
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In 1942, Anne Frank received a diary for her 13th birthday.She had written in her diary everyday she seemed something interested happened.

Emaciated, she had already lost her mother to starvation, her sister to typhus, and believed her father to be dead. Three days after her sister’s death, Anne herself succumbed to typhus in March 1945.

The "diary" Anne Frank received in her 13th birth was NOT an actual diary but and auto graph book her parents gifted her.