Germany Invade Poland; WWII begins

By: Preston Turner

What was the big deal about this time?

Hitler Claims that this attack was for the defense of their territory. On September 3rd they declared war on Germany which started WWII in Europe. For Hitler it would more living space if he won Poland.

Info. about the war.

Germany overran much of Europe. They did this by using a tactic called Blitzkrieg. The forces they had would break through much of there defense along a narrow front. Using the Blitzkrieg Tactic, Germany ended beating Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherland, Luxembourg, France, Greece. They didn't defeat Great Britian becasue they were protected from ground attack by the English Channel.

How did this moment impact America?

With the war ending it brought all different kinds of people together, because they were all working together in the war. The wartime a had huge change for the women role. They number of ladies working during the war went from 14 million in 1940 to 19 million in 1945.