The Climb

Anatoli Boukreev's journey to the summit of Mount Everest.

Setting the Scene

Anatoli Boukreev, a Russian mountaineer, was ask by Scott Fischer to join his Mountain madness expedition. Boukreev accepts the offer and Fischer starts to get clients to bring up the mountain. Altogether Fischer gets twenty-three men and women climbing Mount Everest. On March 13, Boukreev flew to Kathmandu, Nepal's capital and largest city, there he meet Fischer and left before him to the base camp. There clients arrived at base camp on March 23 to get use to the altitude. They started to move up a few hundred meters to cross the Icefall, an area witha jagged mass of blue set on a slant ponited towards Everest base camp, which was difficult to cross. Ferom there lied other difficult path in the way for Everest's summit.
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Who is climbing?

The members for this expedition are Scott Fischer,Charlotte Fox, Lene Gammelgaard, Neal Beidleman, Dale Kruse, Klev Schoening, Sandy Hill Pittman, Martin Adams, Anatoli Boukreev, and Tim Madsen. The other people climbing were not members of the group but Sherpas, people who help the climbers.

Making their way up

The team was decided to climb a little up the mountain everyday. On the first climb they advanced 6,800 meters on Manaslu. The next day they ascended up to 7,400 meters on hard packed snow, making the climbing condition very difficult. Climbing like this made it easier to get a steady climbing pace and easier to get use to the altitude. The next morning the team made all the way to the summit, and on that same day they descended back to 7,400 meters. This started they journey to the bottom.
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