Eagle Counseling Update

A note from Ms. Mason

Hello Eagle families!

You have survived another week of at home learning! Congratulations!

Find the calm in the chaos

When everything in life seems uncertain and unfamiliar, we all crave the predictable. Each of your families have different needs and work demands, and I’m here to help you personalize a schedule that works best for you. Here is an example of a schedule that some families are using . If you would like to talk through how to design a schedule that works best with the needs of your family, please give me a call at 972-350-5546, or email me at masone@lisd.net.

There are many ways Ms. Mason can help-

  • Helping your child stay motivated to complete assignments
  • Troubleshooting at home learning routines
  • Helping children process emotions and stress
  • Family routines to help siblings in conflict
  • Much more!
calmdown toolbox

Here are some quick family connection activity ideas

Free Breakfast and Lunch

Friday, March 27th, 10am-1pm

4431 Augusta Street

The Colony, TX

Free breakfast and lunches for students will be distributed daily at Stewart's Creek Elementary. No identification or eligibility required.