Encouragement Cupcakes

Lifting people up one cupcake at a time!

The idea behind these special cupcakes.

You can get our cupcakes in thousands of flavors, frosting, and designs. What makes our cupcakes different than everyone else you may ask? Sometimes all you need to make your day better is a little encouragement and a cupcake. Kind of like a fortune cookie, our cupcakes include an encouragement quote. You can choose when you buy you cupcake whether you want and encouragement note, bible verse, or a fortune.

How do we do it?

You will have to two cupcake liners, the first layer will be a clear liner that will touch the cupcake and the second will be the outer liner. It will have a cool design on the part visible to you and then when you peel it off the cupcake it will reveal an encouraging message for you.

Examples of notes you can choose from.

Guaranteed to be uplifting and delicious.

Prices and other questions.

1 cupcake-- $2.00

A dozen cupcakes-- $15.00

Contact manager if you have a special event or have a special order.

We deliver!