the Lindbergh kidnapping

Charles Lindbergh following the completion of his flight across the Atlantic The image of a fearless pilot, master of one of the world's newest and most promising technologies, acting alone to risk all in his attempt to set a world record flying across the Atlantic. The "Lone Eagle"Lindbergh himself was exalted above all other modern-day heroes as a living example of the nation's greatest values. Whether he enjoyed it or not, the attention he deserved wouldn't come until recent times."the trial would incite more passion, or do more to unite a people in their desire for retribution, than did the trial of Bruno Hauptmann, the nondescript man who stood accused of kidnapping and killing the hero's son. "the Lindbergh"
This is just the introduction heres a video to get you more informed of the Lindbergh kidnapping.
The Lindbergh Kidnapping
"Cold Case Charles Lindbergh"

"Violet Sharpe, who was working as a maid for the Lindberghs, was so harassed by the police investigators that she committed suicide.

There is considerable conversation that Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a German-born carpenter with no connection to the Lindberghs but found in possession of a portion of the ransom money, may have been wrongly convicted and executed for the crime. Hauptmann, a married man with a young son, maintained his innocence despite deals offering a life sentence in exchange for a confession. Today the identity of the murderer is still intensely debated. Some Lindbergh biographers argue that Hauptmann was innocent and that others were responsible for the crimes. "The Lindbergh kidnapping spurred on legislation providing for increased penalties for kidnappers. The nature of the Lindbergh case and other such kidnappings remains a terrifying reminder to many wealthy parents.""the lindbergh kidnapping"and heres a picture of Charles and another of his baby.