Kayla Moore - 2

Description About the Himalayas

People say that the Himalayas are the most beautiful mountains in the world. The Himalayas are really rocky and ridged. Also the Himalayas have been changing since 30 to 50 millions of years ago.

Helpful Tools for Surviving and for Climbing the Himalayas

Some of the tools for surviving the Himalayas are tents,blankets,and sleeping bags to keep warm. To climb the Himalayas it seem very hard without tools but they had tools like ropes and ground steaks.

About the Oxygen and the Altitude in the Himalayas

As the higher they climb the Himalayas the less oxygen was provided for them,and when it got to where there was barely any oxygen they began to have headache and mental confusion. Each time they climbed they hope they got a higher altitude.

The Type of Clothing They Needed for up in the Himalayas

They would bring thick furry coats to keep warm. Also they would bring furry boots.

More Facts About the Himalayas

They had to bring wood unless they wanted to cut trees down. Also they had to bring silverware to eat their food that they brought with them. Also they had to search for flat land so they can sleep because if they slept on a steep hill they would fall off and they would have a terrifying death. Also Mt. Everest is in the Himalayas so that fact shows you how tall the Himalayas are. Also people who were missing limbs and other type of stuff they would still try to climb the Himalayas.

More Pictures About the Himalayas