The Limestone Lens

Focusing In On Anti-Racism and Equity

"The Limestone Lens" was created to help support all LDSB staff's equity learning journey, in a committed effort to question and counter racism and oppression.

Originally, this issue's focus was going to be solely on celebrating Black History Month, highlighting past and present Black Canadian stories and exemplary individuals.

The plan for this issue abruptly changed, however, on January 6th, when the US Capitol was stormed by Trump supporters, empowered by a culture of white privilege and systemic racism.

That afternoon, the entire world bore witness to the ugly consequences of what happens when racism and "white supremacy" were left unchecked.

So, let's collectively check ourselves.

While we honour Black History Month, let's also acknowledge how the history of systemic racism has led us to moments like January 6th's attack.

After all, we need to know where we were, to fully understand present-day situations, to move forward together, united in truth and action.

This month, let's acknowledge, reach out and act!

Silence Is Violence

"Remember, white supremacy is not just about individual acts of racism, but rather it is a system of oppression that seeps into and often forms the foundation of many of the regular spaces where you spend your time - school, work, spiritual spaces, health and wellness spaces and so on. All these spaces are often protected from overt and individual acts of racism while allowing covert and systemic racism to be a part of the accepted culture through while silence."

-Layla F. Saad, "me and white supremacy"

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This February, Let's ACKNOWLEDGE Canada's Rich Black History!

Let's REACH OUT And Learn from Our Incredible Black Canadian Community!

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Let's ACT By...

The Limestone Lens: Focusing In On Anti-Racism and Equity

As Limestone District School Board employees, we are all a part of this learning journey. If you have ideas about future equity topics or terminology, please contact Rae McDonald.