By: Elie Wiesel

Question 1

Camp life made the soldiers a different person and focus on survival rather than morals and family. As a family it tore them apart and made them think about what they had. They didn't look out for other people and only focused on themselves to survive.

Question 2

There were many themes in the story Night. One of them was family. It is important to stay together to survive. Another theme was religion. They didn't let the Nazis change there view on life and what they believe in. Finally morals, they had to do what they could to survive, no matter what.

Question 3

It made me think about what I have and not to take things for granted. I thought about my family and how I should spend more time with them while I have time. I thought about my great grandma and how she died, also when my dog died. I made a lot of connections to my real life but I know what I have experienced is nowhere near as bad as what they had to deal with.