Colonization of Texas

2nd period social studies

Why Anglo-Amaricans should move to Texas?

Anglo-Amaricans should move to Texas because we are offering very affordable land ($1.25 for 80 acres). Note that since Texas is a new settlement, there is no authority to collect taxes. Also, if you are looking for affordable land and a new start in life with your family then Texas is the place to be.

More things to consider

If you move to Texas, you will have to convert to the catholic religion. Also, we are only looking for hard working and ambitious people. To have a good life in Texas, you will just have to follow the rules and be smart about what you do. If any of this sounds like a good and reasonable deal, come and join us in the colonization of Texas.

What three things to expect from Texas?

Questions and answers

  • Is the land good for growing? Yes the soil is very rich and good for growing.
  • Can texas be a good place for a family start to start a new life? Yes because Texas is a good place for a new beginning.
  • Are you accepting anyone? It depends on if that person is hardworking and a rule follower.
  • Would Texas be a good place to move to? Texas would be a perfect place to move to.