Tristen Draper

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Overview of Holocaust

The Holocausts was a gruesome time period in Germany. Hitler came to power and he wasn't a normal person, he was a mad man! Hitler believed that there was only one true religion and that all the Jews needed to be destroyed. Another resin Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jews was that they posed a alien threat to them. By may 1945 the Nazis had killed 6 million Jews and that wasn't the war.

Definition/Background Information

Luftwaffe was a German term for air force. So Luftwaffe was the Nazis air force and they were the best air force in town! They had tons of plans in the Holocaust and in the world war two. There was carrier planes, fighter planes, Jets, and there best was dive bombers. There air force was feared all around, most people were scared because any second in the day a bombing by the Luftwaffe could kill them.

Original Research Question

Where there any secret weapons that Luftwaffe had?
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Luftwaffe had allot of secret weapons. There were some plains that never were invented tull now that were planed to be made all the way back at world war two! There was some that got made but there were only about 20 of them made in the hole world. One that really poped out was the "Z Willing". It was huge with massive wings. The Z willing was a secret cargo plain, there were only twelve ever made, and they were one of the most feared in the sky's. The secrets are endless and more to find but every story has a end.


"A top World War II ace once said that fighter pilots fall into two broad categories: those who go out to kill and those who, secretly, desperately, know they are going to get killed—the hunters and the hunted."

— General Nathan F. Twinning, USAF


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