Dead End In Norvelt

By: Jack Gantos Prenstation By: Donyah Gerrits

First Person

I turned around to go back into the house my eyes bugged out. "Oh, no," I said angrily .
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Summary of Dead End In Norvelt

In the Dead End In Norvelt By: Jack Gantos the main character is Jack Gantos himself is nosly kid with a lot of personalities and a bloody nose problem they're a little twist in the story with a rifle and jack and he might get grounded again.

Examples of Figurative Language

Simile: Pg .340 It was like i was shooting my Dad's gun at a screen

Metaphor: Pg: 300 My pillow looked like big loaf of bread pudding soaked in blood

Sensory Language: Pg: 301 Had put out chocolates with 1080 sprinkles