The Boston Tea Party

by Rachael Cooper

How it started

In 1773 Parliament passed a law that the British East India Tea company to sell tea in the colonies at a very low price. But, the law hurt some people because they had to pay tax. So the colonies like New York and Pennsylvania decided to boycott the British tea. They did not allow British tea ships to enter the large city ports.
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The Boston tea party

On December 16th, 1773, late at night, Samuel Adams (The leader of this) and the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians. They snuck into the Boston harbor no one was around at this time, they got on 3 British's tea boats, ... And through 340 chests of tea into the Boston harbor.
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Tea Party - Schoolhouse Rock - No more Kings

What happened after

When word got back to King George the 3rd on January 20, 1774, he was angry. He decided to punish the colonists. He put down a law saying that no ships carrying colonists goods could enter or leave Boston harbor until the colonists pay for all the tea they destroyed.
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Today some people in the U.S.A drink tea, it is not a big deal today, but back then, we didn't like England, there king, and there tea. But, I guess, today we don't get taxed on tea.
The Real Story of the Boston Tea Party