Home Fires

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How home fires happen

When home fires happen they are very destructive. Some things that make home fires happen are lighters, matches, candles, heaters, cigarrets, and electric outlets. When one thing catches on fire it will ignite the whole house. Some science behind this disaster is that paint will catch on fire and the whole house will soon be on fire.  

How these home fires happen.

What to do during a home fire.

1. Before: Create a fire escape plan and practise it oftenly. Also have smoke alarms in every room. Alwyas have to ways to get out of a room. 2. While during the fire, get low and crawl unger the smoke. If you hear a smoke alarm get out of the house right away. If you do open a door, open it slowly and be ready to shut it quickly. 3. After: Dont go back inside the house unless a firefighter or your parents say its safe.