By: Emma

The Artillery is loaded and ready to fire at any second. Then KABOOM! A flame of smoke makes its way toward the trenches creating a pit of fire.

What was the artillery used for?

The main purpose of the Artillery was to fire large explosives across large distances. The artillery machines were designed to kill a bunch of soldiers in World War I. The artillery could fire explosives using gunpowder. The French army alone had nearly 4800 artillery machines in 1914.

What could the artillery fire?

Artillery could fire many explosives. One kind of explosive is a shell. It's an explosive with metal shards put into them. Another type of shell is a gas shell.

What are some types of Artillery used in World War I?

A type of Artillery machine the Germans used was called the Paris Gun. It was a 238mm heavy rail field gun with a range of 7 miles.

Another type of Artillery was made by the British army. It is called the BL 19-inch howitzer it has a range of 8 miles.

The last type of machine is made by the French. The name of it is called Canon de 155 Modele made in 1917. It is a heavy field howitzer with a range of 7 miles.