The Entertainer

and The Dybbuk


Avrom Amos saves Freddie from being killed in WW 2 by the nazis and Avrom gets killed by a Nazi soldier along with his family. Freddie goes back to being a ventriloquist and has an unexpected visit from Avrom who has become a dybbuk. Avrom goes into Freddie's body so that he can have revenge on the man that killed his family. Freddie and Avrom keep on fighting until they make a solution where they are both happy.


Takes place after WW2 in 1948. The characters move all around Europe and in and in New York.
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Avrom Amos

Avrom Amos is a 13 year old boy and likes to crack jokes. He was killed during WW2 and Avrom becomes a dybbuk in search for Freddie. He said that "Dybbuks return to finish something left undone among the living" and now he needs to accomplish what was left undone.


Freddie is a kind and funny person. He works as a ventriloquist and is struggling with it. He was saved by Avrom during the war when he was a soldier and now with a dybbuk trying to possess him his work becomes even more stressful.


The main character's conflict is external man vs man and man vs society because Freddie is fighting against the dybbuk, Avrom Amos, so that he doesn't get possessed and in their flashbacks it talks about them fighting against the Nazis.

Shofar Ram's Horn

The horn is used to take out the dybbuks in people. Freddie used it to get Avrom out of him.
An Amazing Shofar Ram's Horn Service Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg
Medium Audience Laughing & Applauding