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Tumble Books

Strengths and Best features of Tumblebooks

The strengths of Tumblebooks:

TumbleBooks are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sound, music, and narration to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you. Tumblebooks are easy to use, has a large collection of books to choose from, and provides an audio experience for the reader.

The best feature of Tumblebooks is how readers can choose to either listen to a story or read a story by themselves. Audio readings provides the opportunity for students to understand how words look and sound.

Also the book report and quiz features provides a great way for a student to study the material right after reading the story.

What are the limitations of Tumblebooks?

Not all books are in the Tumblebooks library, this limits students from exploring certain subjects. Tumblebooks also requires special equipment like computers or ipads. In order to use Tumblebooks in the classroom, these limitations need to be addressed.

How can Tumblebooks be used in the classroom?

Tumblebooks provides a large library of books to choose from. Many of these books are very educational and fun to read. In order to use Tumblebooks in the class, proper equipment is required. Computers, ipads, and headphones need to be provided for students to use.

Once all the equipment is provided, lesson plans can be created to guide students through Tumblebooks. First, the teacher would need to teach students how to sign up and use Tumblebooks. Then, the teacher can assign books for students to read. Having students use their own headphones can provide time for students to read on their own.

In my classroom, I would assign specific books for students to read. I would then assign reading time for students. Once all of the students finish the story, I would assign discussion groups for students to talk about the story. After the discussions, I would assign a book report for students to complete.