Newsletter Week 1 Term 4 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville - October 18th

Principal's Message

Nau mai, haere mai St Joseph’s Whanau

Welcome back to term 4. We hope you all had a relaxing break and your children are ready for the 9 weeks of term 4.

Term 4 Student Testing: We have a busy term ahead of us. Teachers will be recording their final testings of students to gather data for their end of year reports.

Arts Festival - Thankyou: We want to say a huge thank you to all our families and staff with last term’s Wearable Arts Festival in week 10. This was a huge success and something different for us here at St Josephs. The children got so much out of it with all their creations. Interesting this morning asking at Gospel Hui who still has their creations. There was a mixed response.

Scrap-Metal - Thankyou: A massive thank you to the PFC and all families that helped and supported the Scrap metal run over the weekend. This is a huge event and so well run. Our community is very lucky to have such supported members. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The money raised is always very much appreciated to purchase school equipment.

Term 4 Summer Uniform: As mentioned in this newsletter. Term 4 is our summer uniform you have until the start of week 3 to be fully in summer uniform. Please do not wear a mixture of both summer / winter. We spoke to the children this morning that hats are to be worn and all children are to have hats by 25th October otherwise play is expected under the shade cloth. Thank you for your support with this.

Next Week - a Short Week: We have a short week next week with Labour Day Monday, but we also have in school Youthtown cycling. The years 5 to 8 children will be working alongside Youthtown cycling and learning more about bikes and safety. Watch out for photos in week 3’s newsletter.

Livestock Day: Good luck to the 37 students attending Livestock Day on Wednesday at Morrinsville School. We can't wait to see the results of all your hard work over the past 3 months. All the best and enjoy.

Faith/Whakapono is our school value during term 4 teachers will be looking for this throughout class time and out in the playground.

Coming Up This Week

Wednesday, Oct 19th : Livestock Day - Morrinsville School

Thursday, Oct 20th : Rosary in school

Friday, Oct 21st : Olympic Ambassador visit Yrs 4-8

Sunday, Oct 23rd : Mission Sunday

Monday, Oct 24th : Labour Day long weekend - no school

A prayer for the start of Term 4:

Father, We choose to forget the past today

We don't want anything to hold us back from the good future you have prepared for us

We choose forgiveness and ask that you help us by your spirit to press forward in

every area of our lives. In Jesus name, we pray


Every blessing and have a great week.

Paul Cooper

Relieving Principal

Wearable Arts ...Amazing...Well Done Everyone

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Save the Date... more information next week

Our school is preparing for Mission Day on Wednesday, November 2nd 2022.

The day brings lots of excitement, fun, interesting activities and things to buy. We will once again be using the money card system. All details on how to purchase money cards will be coming your way next Tuesday, so please check the school bag.

Remember to mark the calendar so that you can come along and join the fun.

Welcome to Kidz Only to Our School

It's with great pleasure that the Board of Trustees and the school have elected "Kidz Only" as their new provider for before school, after school and holiday programs. We aim to provide the exact same quality service as we have always done.

Contact Anna or phone 0223502057

Before and After school care will be using the AIMY booking system, this will be up and running by 10th October if you require Before and After School care please email your interest so phone as above.

Reflection shared from Jemma Van Eijk, DRS

The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary, a very special prayer that is associated with Mary.

We can try to understand what message each event might have for us and how they can help us live better lives. When we reflect on Jesus’ life through praying the Rosary, we can be grateful for Jesus and all that he has taught us.

As a school we will be praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary with the Catholic Women's League on Thursday and also in class throughout the week.

Through the Glorious Mysteries we remember that each mystery helps us to understand Jesus’ message to us.

The first mystery is The Resurrection - when Jesus rose from the dead

The second mystery is The Ascension - when Jesus returned to God after telling his disciples to preach his message throughout the world.

The third mystery is The Coming of the Holy Spirit - when the Holy Spirit came to the apostles after Jesus’ Resurrection.

The fourth mystery is The Assumption of Mary - when we remember that after her earthly Mary returned to God.

The fifth mystery is The Crowning of Mary, Queen of Heaven - we remember the special place Mary has with God.

A special prayer for the week.

Loving God, we thank you for the gift of the prayer of the Rosary. Help us to use this prayer to reflect on the glorious times in Jesus’ life. May we pray for the fruits of each mystery to enter our hearts so that we might live out Jesus’ message in the way we live. We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ, your Son.


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Upcoming Events

  • Livestock Day - Wednesday, Oct 19th
  • Labour Day - Monday, Oct 24th
  • Youth Town Cycling in School from Oct 25th
  • Livestock Group Day - Thursday, Oct 27th
  • National Shakeout Drill - Thursday, Oct 27th
  • All Saints Day - Tuesday, Nov 1st
  • Mission Day - Wednesday, Nov 2nd
  • Seniors Camp - November 8th 9th
  • Scripture Reading Festival - Wednesday, Nov 16th
  • School Athletics Day- Thursday, Nov 17th
  • Whole School Mass - Sunday, Nov 20th

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