Chapter 11: How Elements Deceive

By: Kevin Lopez

Synopsis of Chapter 11

In Chapter eleven:”How Elements Deceive”, Mr. Kean describes his experiences and acquired knowledge to the usefulness and the double-edged-sword characteristics of some of the elements. Most of the elements that were written about had stories behind them on how people discovered their characteristics through good or bad experiences. All of the elements, in chapter eleven, characteristics tied in the health and well being of humans. The usefulness of the elements ranged from prosthetics to preventing mental retardation.

The elements that were described in chapter 11 include: Nitrogen, Titanium, Beryllium, Potassium, Sodium, and Iodine. Potassium and Sodium were mainly described as being used in the sensory system specifically taste, both having health benefits. Iodine was noted for its usefulness in salt for its prevention in birth defects(ch. 11, pg. 197). Nitrogen and Beryllium were used as essential suppressors, Nitrogen for the reactiveness of oxygen in our air and Beryllium for slowing down particles in radioactive substances. Lastly, Titanium was mainly used for prosthetics.

Elements of Chapter 11

Overall Summary

Most of the element spoken of above are are at least in the top 15 most abundant elements on earth. They all serve their purpose in our lives if we notice them or not. For instance, without nitrogen everything would probably be in flames. Titanium, Beryllium, Nitrogen, Potassium, Sodium and Iodine have helped in aiding humans progress throughout time be it in the medical or technological field.


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