The "REAL" United States



The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was unlawful. Many Hawaiians were robbed from their sovereignty and land. This overthrow took place on January 17, 1893 it wouldn't be possible without the horrific roles of Pres. Benjamin Harrison, Pres. Cleveland and Minister John Stevens.


After studying the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy I've learned that the United States Annexed Hawaii illegally for their own personal wants and needs. This topic is important to history because the people need to understand what happened to the poor Hawaiians and make sure this doesn't happen to some other little perfect kingdom. The long term significance would be that Hawaii would be a overloaded melting pot of cultures. Hawaii wouldn't be the way it is if all these things didn't happen. But I really wish that the United States gave the Hawaiians a chance to understand instead of doing this illegally. But the question is Hawaii really apart of the United States? It will be an ongoing debate, but thank history for teaching me the wrong doings of my country.
Kaulana Na Pua
This song means that the most famous thing about this land was the children. And how their loyal to the land. And one day the evil hearted messenger comes with the annexation document. And it says that no one will sign that paper and that they rather eat stones because its from the land. And whatever is from the land would nourish them.
This song creates an image that is very strong. In the lyrics they are saying that all the islands we stand together strong to hold our banners high and to sing and praise the glory of our land.
All Hawaii Stand Together by Liko Martin


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