(Let the People Choose)

Money - Pink Floyd + Lyrics

Tired of nosey politics or sharing with fellow neighbors. Than join the growing group of Laissez-Faire supporters. We believe that the people of the country should be able to decide for themselves. Also, if you like working and want more money than the harder you work the more money you can receive.


We are very much unlike the Communist activists. We disagree with the idea of having a low-life-good-for-nothing fast-food chain cashier be paid as the same as a neurologist. We think if you work hard you should get a reward of more money

Our Founder

Adam Smith the man that conceived the idea of Laissez-Faire economics. He was tired of the government wanting to choose for the people. The government said no competition and that businesses should try to create monopolies. Adam said that competition would bring more profits and monopolies would lower income.