Ebola is nothing to mess with

By Shelby Grothe

Symptoms of Ebola

Attention readers there have been a dises going around called Ebola if you have any of these symptoms then go to the doctors immediately.....


Severe head ache

Muscle pain




Abdominal (stomach) pain

Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruishing

How can it be spread and how can it be prevented?

Ebola affects the immune system and it affects the bones and skeletal muscles. Ebola only infects people that come in contact with the person that had it originally but it has to be physical contact so you can be in the same building as other people and them not get it until you get in physical contact. The spread can be prevented by not going near the person. There is not a full proof cure but scientists are working on a variety of vaccines that would protect a person from the Ebola viruses .Some of the results have been promising, but further testing is needed.
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A persons chance of servival if they have Ebola and how they diagnose Ebola?

A persons chance of servival can last up to several hours however viruses in body fluids (such as blood) can service up to several dats in a room temperature. A doctor can diagnose the disease within a few days of being infected and a test test will be taken to prove the evidence. The patient will remain sick for mouths after surviving Ebola.
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What do you recommend?

I recommend if you or someone have any of these symptoms to go to the doctor and avoid others that you can come in contact with.