The 2A Express

The Weekly Roundup

Week Eleven....

Hello there everyone,

I hope that you are enjoying the cooler temperatures that Qatar is now offering. 2A is making the most of this as they head outside each morning and lunch recess to run around and get away from the confines of their classroom.

The classroom has been buzzing about our latest nonfiction units in both reading and writing. this has been creating some fantastic discussions between students and the whole class. Science has also allowed for a few more "Wow!" moments as we have investigated the life cycle of a butterfly.

On a different note, there are a number of things happening at ASD that affects the students of 2A, and one of these is the relocation of the library to the cafeteria. This has an effect on the ability to order lunches for next week. please read below to get further details and how 2A will operate without a cafeteria for the near future.

Please take the time to look through the bulletin, click on the images of your child engaged in learning and feel free to contact me with any queries or issues that may arise.

The Eleventh Week

The Subjects


This week in math 2A we have been building and counting with numbers up to a 1000 and working on using different manipulatives. These manipulatives included money ($1, $10 and $100 bills), and base ten blocks.

Shortly, students will be using <,> and = to compare and order numbers in different forms and with numbers greater than ten units (i.e. 16 tens + 9 ones).

I have kept the unit link by Eureka Math housed on YouTube embedded in the newsletter.. This is a cluster of short videos that provide parents, students and teachers with an overview of the strategies that are being taught this unit, and how to solve some of the questions that students are exposed to.

We will be covering lesson 13 and 14 on Sunday.

Math and Manipulatives

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Investigating Place Value

Reader's Workshop

This week our readers continue reading a range of nonfiction books and ended the week looking carefully at the structure of an informative and interesting nonfiction text..

We looked at the layouts and different text features in a handful of texts. We also discussed about thinking about the topic of the book before we read it, reading through the table of contents and deciding what will this book teach me?

If you can, please come up to the library and check out some of the great primary nonfiction books with your child.

Below is a slide presentation of the text features that we will be identifying and looking to understand. These text features are also the key elements when it comes to our new writing unit.

Investigating the Structure and Layout of a Nonfiction Book

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Writer's Workshop

This week 2A has begun our new informational writing unit by thinking about ourselves as experts.

We have spent most of this week looking through a range of nonfiction texts, identifying what recipes or structures nonfiction authors use to create an informative and accurate nonfiction book. This has continued to drive our understanding of the process that an author or expert needs to go through in preparation of crafting a nonfiction text.

In order to write A LOT about a topic we are beginning to ask ourselves "What do we love?", "What can we do well?", "What have we experienced?" and "What can we teach others?".

Over the weekend see if you and your child can come up with as many details about a topic as possible. This will help them as they begin to draft their informational book.

Next week, we will begin to formulate our ideas and begin to write the information we have down, aiming to create a successful nonfiction text.


This week the 2A scientists continued to investigate how living things grow from an egg or baby to an adult.

This week we looked at a butterfly’s life cycle. Students reviewed previous knowledge and created clay models of a butterfly’s life cycle. Students should know the correct names for the 4 main life cycle stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

please ask your child if they can teach you some facts about a butterfly and it's life cycles.

Amazing Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

Making Clay Models of the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Exploratory Time

This week 2A has taken a short break from the Engineering Design Process. We will be picking this up next week as the teams sit down and move through the reflection process, looking at how well they thought their solution performed, could it be tweaked or redesigned to perform better, and what interesting things did they notice during and post construction phase.

Once we have moved through this stage we will begin to move through the design process once more as a group before the students embark upon the process individually.

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In Other News.....

Ryder Shares his Victory at a Rugby Tournament

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2A Were the Recipients of the Golden Sneaker Award

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Things To Know:

Grade Two Lunch

Grade Two students will be eating their lunches in their classrooms starting on Sunday.

We ask that parents send lunches with their children the week of November 15th-19th. More information will be send home regarding pre-ordering lunches for students who wish to have food from the cafeteria.

Pre-orders will take place next week for students to start receiving lunches November 22nd.

Library Relocation

The Elementary Library will be moving temporarily to the rectangular portion of the Elementary School Cafeteria.

Students will be able to check out double the amount of books for the next week and library classes will be held in students classrooms during this transition.

The library will be operating on a smaller scale for the remainder of the school year. We thank you for your patience and understanding while our brand new library is being built.

New Dismissal Procedures

Starting on Sunday, Lower Elementary Students will be dismissed from the round portion of the elementary cafeteria.

Please look for your child’s classroom teacher and stand clear of the door ways so that students will be able to enter safely and quickly.

Upper Elementary students will be dismissed outside of the cafeteria in the tree courtyard. We ask that parents continue to walk around the outside of the buildings to get to the cafeteria.

Field Trip to the Al Fardan Farm on Thursday, November 19th

We are very excited for the opportunity to visit the above private farm. We are grateful to the Al Fardan family for inviting us and for helping us to make it possible.

A letter seeking permission for your child to attend the field trip has already been sent home. This trip integrates well with many of our units, specifically our current science unit on plant and animal life cycles. We are confident that our thorough examination of the site, prior to last years’ field trip, and further discussions this year with the Al Fardan family, will ensure the safety and security of our students.

Things your child needs to bring on the field trip:

  • comfortable closed toed shoes

  • hat

  • snack and lunch

  • full water bottle

  • please apply sunscreen before school

2A, Cereal Boxes and A New Art Project

2A will be undertaking an art and design project in the coming months.

Each student is expected to have a flattened cereal box so that they can participate in this activity.

It would be very helpful if you could please send your child to school with a flattened cereal box so the they can get ready to start the project.

PTA Latin Dinner Dance - Friday, November 20th 2015

The PTA are excited to host our annual dinner dance with this year's theme being a colorful and fun Latin night. Tickets for this event are QR350 per person.

For an even bigger discount on ticket prices, purchase a FULL table of 10 people by Monday, November 9th and you will receive your tickets at a discounted price of QR300 per person.

Tickets can be purchased at the main administration.

Arab Mothers Association Fundraising Activities

The Arab Mothers Association fundraisers will be hosted every second Thursday of each month.

November Dates At A Glance

November 20 PTA Gala Dinner

November 24 Full Day of School – Regular Tuesday morning schedule

November 25 Thanksgiving Classroom Celebrations

November 25 End of Trimester 1

November 26 Thanksgiving – No School