Moorhead Junior High News

Parent Update 8/20/2020

The best way to view your Canvas homepage

It appears that the district has defaulted to the list mode for our Canvas accounts. This can be a confusing view. Mrs. Fries made a video to show our parents how to change to the best view for Canvas (card view).

Log in and check for Assignments in Modules

Students must log into every class daily to be counted present for that class. Look for current assignments in the Modules section of each class, not the To Do List. Not all assignments will show on the To Do List.

Late Bus Registration

The Late Bus runs will start on Sept. 8. The late buses leave Moorhead at 5:15pm and run Monday - Thursday.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about late runs. As you recall, last year we moved to an online acknowledgement form. This form has to be filled out annually. The form can be found by clicking on the Register for Transportation button on the Transportation website

Transportation - Conroe ISD

To register your child for transportation, register your child for late bus service, request an Alternate Address Transportation Plan, or apply for Employee (TK) Shuttle Service, please submit his/her district provided student ID and date of birth below. (enter the Student ID and birthdate)

Select “Yes, the student will be riding the bus.”

Click Register

The option for “Register for Late Run Bus” will appear at the bottom of the page.

The form will prepopulate the student’s information the guardian just has to review the information about the late bus run program and fill in name and email and click to sign.

Hotspot News

First let me start with great news. All our hotspots are now "Unlimited" . I put that in quotes because they do throttle. So the devices now have 30 GB per month and if a student uses all of that they will switch to 500 MB per day until the next month. To put this in perspective, currently our devices have 400 MB per day and 4GB per month. So they have a large amount of data but it is not endless. We do want our students to remember that the devices are just for school.

Please log in to Canvas Everyday / MJHS School Wide Grade Guide – Distance Learning

Students must check in to each class DAILY to receive attendance credit.

Students check in by clicking on a class or class card and entering the class. Canvas automatically tracks the time and date that the student checks in.

The following alternative check-ins may be used if class by class Canvas check in is not possible.

· Emailing or speaking with your teacher.

· Turning in an assignment on Canvas.

· Checking in to the online class meeting for each class

Online assignments are released to students on Canvas throughout the week in each subject.

· Online work assigned for the week is due on Monday.

· Assignments can be turned in during any point during the week.

· The school wide late policy is as follows:

Work is considered late after the due date

Students will have 10 points deducted each day the assignment is late

After 3 days late the highest possible grade on a late assignment will be 70%

From the 7th Grade English Language Arts Department

Dear Parents,

We wanted to let you know that this week, your students are choosing independent reading books for this grading period's major grade book project. I have attached a letter so you are aware that students are choosing their books and while I have to approve reading level, I would like you to interact with your student about their book so you are aware of the content they are reading. All parents have different guidelines and I want you to know what your student is reading and doing in my class.

This book project is one of 3 major grades this grading period. It will not be due until the end of September, so students have some time to get their book online, from the library, or buy it. However, they should be reading every day and by the end of this week, they will be aware of the choice board from which they can choose their project. As this is one of only 3 major grades, if a student does not complete their book project, they will probably not pass Language Arts for the grading period.

I do want to make sure both parents and students are aware that this school year, remote learning is not like it was in the spring. Students have already seen more rigorous classwork and expectations. Although not every assignment is graded, I do count 2 daily grades and 1 quiz grade each week in addition to the 3 major grades for the quarter.. I will be putting in 0's for work that isn't completed. Please check grades regularly on parent access so you can track your child's grades in all classes.

Thank you so much for your support and feel free to email your child's teacher with any questions.

The 7th grade Language Arts Team

Acknowledgment of Receipt of the 2020 - 2021 Student Election Letter

August 19, 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian:

One of our goals for the 2020-2021 school year is to promote and foster a culture of reading. We plan to achieve this goal by providing students with access to a much wider variety of novels, allowing student choice, and giving them enough time to read at school. Through independent reading assignments, we want to develop reading fluency and retention. These skills help students build confidence, improve vocabulary and improve writing. It is our hope that we can work together with parents to ignite and maintain the pleasure and passion of young readers as they develop their reading in preparation for high school, college, and future career.

Independent reading will be based on the student's choice, either through a list provided by the teachers, through a student's own investigation, or through recommendations made by other students. Students will not be forced to read something with which they do not feel comfortable in an independent reading task. They may choose a book that contains an intense theme and that challenges the way they see the world. With the volume of books available, we will not know the details of each book that students read this year. It is important to know that we will not be placing an adjusted filter to what is read in class. What we plan is to nurture the readiness of each student to read for pleasure, knowledge, and understanding. Our hope is that they decide to read beyond the assigned reading each grading period.

Because we respect your role as parents/guardians, we understand your right to more closely monitor your child's choices this year. Please feel free to contact the teacher to discuss the limits you may have set for your child's reading choices, but know that the teacher cannot control what students decide to read. We hope you talk with your child about their reading choices. We recommend that you read with your child so that they may discuss any concerns about the content and/or foster a deeper understanding of the author's purpose.

If you want to know more about a book your child is reading, please contact your child’s teacher or refer to one of the following websites:

School Library Journal ( American Library Association ( Barnes and Noble (

Common Sense media and technology review ( Goodreads (

Thank you,

7th/8th ELA team

Sports Schedules

Teacher Online Hours

Starting Aug. 31 Core Teachers will host office hours twice per week and electives teachers will host office hours once a week. Please check teacher Canvas pages for specific times.

Teacher Online Hours Aug. 12 - Aug. 28

The following is the daily schedule for teacher online office hours for the first two and a half weeks of school or until August 28. During scheduled office hours teachers will be available to answer questions and help students who join their Zoom session. You can also call or email your child's teacher.

9am - 10am Algebra

9am - 10am ESL / Bilingual assistance

10am - 11am Math

11am - 12pm ELA

12pm - 1pm History

1pm - 2pm Science

2pm - 3pm Fine Arts

3pm - 4pm Computer and Technology Education

Beginning the week of August 31 teachers will have office hours during their conference period. Please refer to individual teacher Canvas pages for information on online office hours.

Have a Question?

Please email your child’s counselor or assistant principal if you need assistance.

Alpha A – Go
Robert Jackson:
Suzi Wilson:
Alpha Gr – Pe
Dusty Joiner:
Cheryl Bracken:
Alpha Pf - Z
Brenda Bishop:
Theresa Randall:

Conroe ISD Technology Help Desk

Conroe ISD will have a Technology Help Desk to assist teachers, students, parents, and guardians with Canvas, Seesaw, Parent Access, or Student Access. The Help Desk is available weekdays beginning Monday, August 10, from 7:30 AM until 9:00 PM. You may reach the Help Desk by emailing or calling 936-709-7658. Canvas users can also click the 'Help' button prior to logging in for assistance.

Don't forget to sign up for Transporation if you haven't done so!

  • FOR THOSE NOT RIDING THE BUS: If your child is scheduled to attend campus instruction in person and you plan on driving them, we are asking you to please visit our website at: and select the Register for Transportation link:

    • This link will take you to

      • Please select "No" for transportation.
      • This will make your child inactive for transportation services.
      • Parent/Guardians can always go back in and change it to "Yes" at any time if your child needs to start riding the bus again.
      • Making your child inactive for transportation services helps us better identify which students will be using buses thus allowing us to be even more efficient with our routes, keeping numbers as small as possible per run, and assists in managing our current driver shortage.
      • This will also enable us to be more responsive to calls since we have to rely on certified office staff to drive when faced with bus driver shortages.
      • Please note in advance to complete any of these online requests please have your child's C.I.S.D. student I.D. number and birth date available before starting the process.

FOR THOSE RIDING THE BUS: Should your child be attending in-person instruction and you plan for them to ride the bus, we are asking you to please visit Register for Transportation and check Yes again to ensure we have your child selected for a route.

For complete information on bus transportation, including bus numbers and stop times, please visit .

If you are new to C.I.S.D. this fall it is required to sign your child up for transportation. This can be done by accessing .

Please stay safe and see you soon.

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