Social Media Safety

Cause it matters! by:Wyatt Draves

Safety on Social Media

If you're not careful one post could become a disaster. Here you'll learn how to prevent that.

Knowing when to stop

If your in a conversation and things start turning into something you don't feel comfortable talking about or something that might get you in trouble for, leave the chat.

Don't hurt anyone's feelings

You may feel tempted to say something.

Think before you post!

"You should feel comfortable if something you post would be posted on the front page of the newspaper." Mr.Wismer (My teacher.)

You must be safe.

Don't give someone you don't know your information(Phone number, Email,etc.)

Be careful!

If someone you don't know asks for a friend request by all costs DENY IT!!!!
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Don't post anything inappropriate

If someone on social media tells you to post an innapropriate don't. Some social media networks say after 5 seconds a post is gone but really once it's on the web you CAN'T take it off.
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Do you really have a private life online? (social network privacy loss due to friends)
Dos and Don'ts when using social networks


And remeber be safe on social media or on the internet in general
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