Usborne Books & More Home Party

with April Hartl

Helpful Hints for a Home Party

I’m really excited about your upcoming BOOK party! It’s going to be a fun time where your friends can get great books and you can earn lots of books for FREE!

While you’re waiting for your Usborne Books & More party start making a wish list (you can do this through my website)!! This will help you see what your desires are for your family’s home library and help you figure out how many people/orders you may need to make getting this wish list a reality.

Then you will need to invite people to your party! But before you even do official invites you want to be talking about your up and coming party. Show friends, family, and coworkers the books you already have. Share with them why you love them. The official invites can be done in a variety of different ways: evites, mailers, or a Facebook invite (or a combination of both). I am a fan of the Facebook invite. If this is how you’d like to invite your guests I will gladly create the invite and use Usborne graphics, and use pre-party posts to get guests excited about what Usborne Books & More has to offer. I also have post cards that you can use. Not everyone is on FB so cards can be mailed to the remaining or you can simply make a phone call or send an email.

Things to include on your invite:

1. Your direction shopping link via my website (this will help those who want to browse ahead, or those who can’t make it to place an order.

2. Location, date and time of party

3. A little bit about Usborne, what you think of the books, and why you are hosting

4. Is it okay to bring a friend?

If using a Facebook invite it is important that you are interacting on the invite wall. Your friends, family and coworkers don’t know me, but they do know you. So be sure to like and comment on my posts so that your friends feel comfortable joining the conversation. Also, a Facebook invite is a great place to show photos or videos of your kids with their Usborne books.


I will be in touch the day before the party. I will let you know if you have received any sales through my website: That way you will have an idea of where your sales stand prior to the event.


On the day of your party I will arrive about 30 minutes prior to the start time so that I can display the books. My talk (which is more of a conversation with all the guests) will last about 30-45 minutes and then there will be time for shopping and individualized assistance for anyone who may need it.


Depending on your wishes we can leave the party open a few more days for you to collect more outside orders from work (etc) or from my website. Once all orders are in I can give you the official total of credits and discounts you have earned for hosting.

The hostesses who earn the most credits and discounts are those who are excited and stay excited about the event the whole way through. So I sure hope you are excited about your up and coming party! I am pumped to help you get more books for the little ones in your life!

We Are A TEAM!

I want you to have a successful party and get lots of FREE books, which is why I have these few tips for you! Together we can make a great team. So start creating a wishlist and talking to your friends!

I’m really looking forward to your party!!

Don’t forget that anyone who can't make the party can still order. Just share the shopping link via email or invite with them. Their purchases will go towards your party (the more orders- the more FREE books). Attached you will find the current offers for hostess and customers.


Q.- Why is there a $2 hostess fee?

A.-Well free books are taxable by the IRS as income. (IRS publication 911). To avoid this hassle at tax time UBAM charges a hostess fee of $2 for the entire host benefits program. The $2 is then taxed so books you've earned do not need to be taxed or claimed as an income at tax time. Tax is applied to your order of discounted books (and any overages) and the cost of shipping.

Shipping? Something else to note is that there is shipping on your free and discounted books. Usborne can give away books, but UBAM can't get UPS to deliver for free!

Please let me know if you have any questions about books or hosting! Looking forward to helping you get that wish list for FREE!

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