=======By: Jacob Ziegenfuss=======

Brazil's culture

There are many ethnic groups in Brazil. One part of the population is native american who arrived there by boat to be used as slaves. Also there are Portuguese who told the natives to give them land for trade so they could build on it. These are two of the most common ethnic groups but there are others too Italian, Euopion,and The people that are born there
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Brazil's geography

Brazil's geography is very unique. Brazil is famous for its many land forms. The land forms are rain forests,plains,farmland,grassy hills,and rivers. these affect Brazil in many ways. the different areas make it difficult to live on. Also the river can flood and destroy homes and business.
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Brazil's resources / economy

Brazil has many exports but the major export is farming products as in cattle and cash crops.These exports are raised on the grassy hill and plains. Farming and exporting by boats are big jobs that most people do in Brazil. Also it is important because it feed other states that might not be able to raise or grow the crop of the cattle
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Brazil's history

When the Portuguese arrived they captured native Americans to work for them as slaves. Also they need the land for more people moving in to Brazil.In order to lower the amount of native Americans they put them to work that took the lives of many. But the ones that survived the harsh treatment were ship to other states to be sold and then they were forced to work on plantations for no money.
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