Ethical Research

By McKenna Schaefer

How a website is credible?

You need to have a credible websites. We know for a fact that (edu, org, gov) or very credible resources. The .com websites you actually have to go into the website and look for the author or if its credible.

How to gather relevant information from print

When you are looking to find an answer to your questions on the websites that ask for keywords. Also, you need to have a relevant information and a really specific topic go deep into. You need to make sure that the article is not just about baseball but like you could do it about a baseball player. When you are researching you need to make sure you are looking up your information.

MLA citation

You only use MLA citations for class or school.

You use MLA citaitons for blogs,research, articles an

The authors name has to appear in your citation and you must cite the right information

What information is relevant that is from print?

To get relevant information you need to have good notes and information from websites. You also need to have a question that you have to have an answer to. For example, you need to have a question is really specific you can't just have a topic about baseball you need to have a topic about a baseball player not just the plain topic about baseball.

When you have your question and you look through research online you need to be sure that the article or information goes along with your topic.


You need to stay away from plagiarism because if you plagiarize then you have very serious consequences. Plagiarism is when you take somebodies work and then copying the persons information that they did and that means that you are stealing and not taking time to find your own information.

The difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

Quotations must be the same to the plain, using a source to help you out. They must be word by word right from the article. Paraphrasing involves putting a passage or something in front of you that you don't just copy back right in front of the article.